basic structure of the zone of imbalance in a candlestick

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basic structure of the zone of imbalance in a candlestick

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let's look at the basic structure of the zone of imbalance in a candlestick.
There are 3 main parts of the candlestick compiler. The Body candle section symbolizes the balance zone, while 2 Shadow candle develops a zone of imbalance. As can be seen in the picture above, there are 2 types of imbalance zones, namely the Supply zone and the Demand Zone. The Supply Zone is areas where there are many sellers who are ready to sell their goods, while the Demand zone is areas where there are many buyers who are ready to buy goods.
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Now consider a Nothern Pin Bar candlestick, or in ordinary language it can be called a Pin Bar with a long tail above. In Steve Nison's candlestick book, Pin Bars like this symbolize the strong interest of sellers in a market. Traders are also advised to open Sell after the Pin Bar is formed. The greater the length of the tail length and body, the greater the selling pressure.
Let's look at this case from the zone of Supply And Demand. When viewed from the anatomy of a candle, the value of supply or available goods is far more than the value of demand or demand. The greater the length of the tail, the further the difference between the amount of goods and the demand. The wider the supply zone when compared to the Demand zone, of course it will suppress the price to go down strongly.
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This concept is almost similar to the basic concept of using the Support and Resistance lines. At the Support level, the tendency for prices to go up is greater, while at the Resistance level, the price tendency to go down is greater. This level is described as a zone in Supply And Demand. Besides that, just like Support and Resistance, of course Breakout can occur in this zone.

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