Bollinger bands

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Bollinger bands

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The Bollinger belt technique is designed and presented by John Bollinger to describe price fluctuations. These tapes can be used for all types of securities or markets in many time sheets.
Bollinger bands are usually plotted at a price (Price), but they can also be plotted for an indicator. The explanations given here are for using the Bollinger bands and plotting them on the price chart. Like the moving average covers, the main interpretation of the Bollinger bands is that the price tends to fluctuate between the two bollinger bands (that is, it does not penetrate outside this range). But what distinguishes Bollinger bands is that the bandwidth (the distance between the upper and lower bollinger lines) varies with the amount of fluctuation in the share. In times of extreme price fluctuations, bands are more likely to fluctuate by allowing more space between themselves. In stagnant and non-volatile periods, the bands are matched together and provide a lower wage for fluctuating share prices.
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Commentary Indicator
The interpretation of this very simple index, like the ordinary exchange rates, tends to fluctuate from a bollinger bar to another. This mode of opportunity predicts future levels of prices. If fluctuations in the market are declining, Bollinger's upper and lower bands will approach the simple moving average. After such a situation, there will be a tendency towards a sharp rise in prices, and somehow it can be called calm before the storm. The formation of a peak (or inset) beyond the range of bands that we see after peak peaks (or insoles) within the range of bands represents a return to the current trend. Finally, if the low prices are first above the bollinger bar and then below it, the trend sign from the bottom to the top will be correct and vice versa.توصيات العملات اليومية مجانا
One of the ways that Bolinger bands are commonly used is in the side markets or suffering. So, whenever the price falls to the bottom of the bar, we will expect a rising price to reach the upper bar when we get a position, and vice versa, when the price is reached to the upper bar by selecting the position of the cell, it can be expected that the price will move up the bar. The following figure shows the price fluctuation between the Bollinger lines in the EUR / USD currency pair in the 15-minute period.

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