resident has a better understanding of what the fa

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resident has a better understanding of what the fa

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Red Bulls canopy-style concept has split the opinion of the F1 paddock, with some leading figures arguing a balance must be struck between safety and the traditional risk of racing. Custom Golden Knights Jersey China . Red Bull gave a public debut to their cockpit protection aeroscreen on Daniel Ricciardos car for one exploratory lap in Russian GP practice.The Red Bull idea is the second potential solution tried in recent months after Ferrari briefly ran with a halo on their car in winter testing. With the FIA determined to introduce some form of driver head protection to lessen the chance of head injuries, it seems likely that one of the two ideas will be adopted for 2017.However, the test of the aeroscreen in Sochi has provoked a more fundamental debate among drivers old and new about whether F1 should compromise its traditional open-cockpit formula. Weve got a cool, elegant futuristic Formula 1 car and youre going to have a riot shield sitting on top of it. Lewis Hamilton World champion Lewis Hamilton, who made his opposition to the halo clear earlier this year, is not a fan of the Red Bull idea either and believes an element of jeopardy should be retained in the sport.When I get in my car I know that there is a danger - thats been the same since I started when I was eight years old, he told reporters at the Russian GP.Thats the risk that Im willing to take and that is the risk that every single driver thats ever got in a car is willing to take. It [safety] has come along so far over the years, which is amazing and we have rarely seen deaths.If youre going to do it, close the cockpit like a fighter jet, dont half a** it. Do it one way or another. It looks like a riot shield. Weve got a cool, elegant futuristic Formula 1 car and youre going to have a riot shield sitting on top of it. Daniel Ricciardo completes a single installation lap with Red Bulls new aeroscreen canopy. Hamilton made clear he was not against safety advances, but believes they should not detract from the sports appeal.It is a good thing to see that the FIA do take safety seriously, he added. It is a constant thing that always needs to be worked on, but as long as it doesnt affect the aesthetics, the style and the coolness of Formula 1.When is the Russian GP on Sky?Former drivers turned Sky Sports F1 pundits Martin Brundle and Johnny Herbert were also unconvinced by the canopy.Thats something Id have expected the great Douglas Bader to have climbed out from, to be honest, said Brundle, referring to the famous RAF wartime pilot. What next? The logical conclusion to all this for me is a driver-less racing car. If youre not prepared to take a risk then dont get inside a racing car. Herbert said that while he did not think drivers would have issues with visibility in normal conditions, he admitted: Im still not sure about the concept. Aesthetically I dont think it looked that bad, its better looking than the halo, for sure.Its all going to be about angles and how lucky you are. Where does that wheel go if it hits? Its going to go high up in the air.Theres a purpose and a reason why everyone is concerned about objects coming towards the drivers head. I think its what F1 and single seater racing is about, its about that bit of risk.And although the idea has been devised by his own Red Bull team, Daniil Kvyat cautioned: We have to see what the fans think. If it takes too much away of the old fashioned look then we shouldnt do it. But if they can accept it... Kimi Raikkonen tests out his Ferrari with the new safety halo during pre-season testing in Barcelona. However, other drivers remain wholly behind the impending arrival of cockpit protection - with Jenson Button, the grids most experienced driver, even suggesting the Red Bull looked better with the partial canopy in place.I prefer the look of it, I think it looks better than a normal Formula 1 car, Button told Sky F1.But I think we have to look at the safety and what one is better for safety. I think in a couple of years time if we did go for the design that was on the Red Bull today we will look back and think the cars look weird without it.I used to watch the F1 powerboats in Bristol with the family with open cockpit for many years and then they had the closed cockpit and it looked so much cooler. That is not a reason to have that option, it is for safety and we have to have the right option for safety. Daniel Ricciardo likes Red Bulls new Aeroscreen following a test run in Practice 1 of the Russian GP Team-mate Fernando Alonso concurred: I think it is a must for safety. We dont need heroes in the sport right now.We saw many incidents and many occasions in the last couple of years and probably all the deaths we had in Formula 1 and junior categories came from head injuries so I think we dont want anyone getting hurt in the future. If there is a solution in place, and it seems it can be a solution, lets introduce it.Watch the whole Russian GP weekend - LIVE ONLY on Sky Sports F1. The race begins at 1pm on Sunday, with build-up from 11.30am. Or watch the race without a contract for £6.99 on NOW TV. Also See: Hamilton: Halo worst looking mod ever WATCH: Red Bull test canopy Authentic Custom Golden Knights Jersey . Murray beat Sam Querrey 7-6 (5), 6-7 (3), 6-1, 6-3 to clinch Britains opening-round victory against the United States on Sunday at Petco Park. "Im proud of the way Im playing just now, because I had to do a lot of work to get back to where I want to be," Murray said after celebrating with his teammates on the red clay court in a temporary stadium in left field of the downtown home of baseballs San Diego Padres. Custom Golden Knights T-shirts . Dukurs winning time was 1 minute, 45.76 seconds, a quarter-second better than Russias Alexander Tretiakov. Lativas Tomass Dukurs was third, 1.41 seconds off the pace. Jon Montgomery of Eckville, Alta. ... e-88n.html . The Clippers were angry about blowing a big lead; the Kings didnt like being in that kind of hole and nearly digging themselves out only to lose. OAKLAND, Calif. -- The Oakland Athletics will be phased out of revenue sharing in the coming years as part of baseballs new labor deal, and that puts even more urgency on the small-budget franchises plan to find the right spot soon to build a new, privately funded ballpark.The As revenue-sharing funds will be cut to 75 percent next year, 50 percent in 2018, 25 percent in 2019 and then phased out as part of the five-year agreement reached Wednesday and formally announced Friday.We are very excited that there is an agreement on a new CBA. We are committed right now to investing every dollar of revenue that we generate back into the on-field product and the fan experience, new As team president Dave Kaval said. We will also work hard to increase our revenue in the near term so that we can allocate more resources to both of these areas. The new CBA again highlights the importance of getting a new ballpark built in Oakland. A new ballpark will allow for the most competitive level of play on the field. We are laser-focused on making that happen as quickly as we can.Kaval, named to his new As leadership position last month while also currently serving as president of Major League Soccers San Jose Earthquakes, brings a business savvy and the experience from just pulling off the building of the Quakes second-year, state-of-the art Avaya Stadium, which boasts the largest outdoor bar in North America. He envisions an intimate baseball venue surrounded by the bustle of businesses, restaurants and housing.Commissioner Rob Manfred said during the Cubs-Giants series in October he would like to see the club stay put and find a viable solution in Oakland, and Mayor Libby Schaaf has pledged her commitment.The As have a current payroll of $87 million, pendingg award bonuses and adjustments, and that is above only Tampa Bay and Milwaukees. Custom Golden Knights Jerseys. They added outfielder Matt Joyce with an $11 million, two-year contract Wednesday and avoided a potential arbitration case when first baseman Yonder Alonso agreed Friday to a $4 million, one-year contract.Pushing forward for a new ballpark is a top priority, along with improving the fan experience at the Coliseum in the meantime to keep a frustrated fan base happy until ground breaks to show this really will happen -- prompting him to say last month, I know its maybe lipstick on a pig.The run-down Coliseum, shared with the Raiders and the last venue with both Major League Baseball and football, had multiple sewage problems in 2013 that caused damage during games among other issues.Kaval is committed to making quick progress but also doing this right. That means strong communication with city and civic leaders as well as the community and fan base. On Tuesday afternoon, Kaval will host his first office hours at the Coliseum open to the public on a first-come, first-served basis -- then each Tuesday after that by appointment. He has held a similar practice as with the Earthquakes.I do hope our new president has a better understanding of what the fans want in order to get a new stadium done, catcher Stephen Vogt said in a text message Friday. I think its great that he is having office hours that fans can come in and give him their opinion on what they would like to see. The new stadium is for these fans. These fans deserve a new stadium. They waited long and they still supported us through thick and thin the last few years. ' ' '

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