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Jordan Scarlett Jersey

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Here’s a look at last year’s event now that we have the benefit of rookie performances."With the SB Nation writers’ mock draft recently completed let’s take a look at how last year’s selections panned out after their rookie seasons. Having participated in the writers’ mock for many years I know how hard it is to make a good selection. The SBN draft never unfolds like the real draft even at the very top as we will see. But before we look at the initial selections let’s look at the selection made for the Panthers. 24. Carolina Panthers: James Washington Carolina Panthers T-Shirts , WR, Oklahoma StateIn his defense, Bradley got several things correct. Defensive backs Josh Jackson and Justin Reid would have been good picks. Both players had good rookie seasons and would be welcome additions to the current Panthers roster. What he didn’t get right is the assessment Washington would fit the Panthers offense better than actual Panthers selection D.J. Moore. Honestly I think most people would have thought Washington’s game would be a better fit. Moore’s after the catch ability is as good as advertised. Kudos for getting the position correct though.Based on rookie season performance it would appear the Panthers made the better selection. Moore outperformed Washington by a significant amount.James Washington, WR, PittsburghOne season doesn’t make a career, a lot could change, especially for Washington now that Antonio Brown has left Pittsburgh. Moore likewise should get more targets with Devin Funchess now playing for the Colts. Looking back at the comments from the mock draft post we did have a couple CSR members who accurately predicted James Washington’s draft position. Well done! Looking at the top ten of the 2018 SBN writers’ mock it would appear many other writers didn’t do as well as the team they were picking for. At the top Baker Mayfield was the better selection for the Browns. Now he has Odell Beckham to throw the ball too. I’m very positive Giants fans are happy they didn’t pass on Saquon Barkley like the Giants blogger did. I’m not saying anything against Chubb because twelve sacks as a rookie is impressive. Yet in spite of Chubb’s double digit sacks how can you not say Barkley was the better pick? The rookie was amazing racking up 2,000 all purpose yards and fifteen touchdowns. He is the whole package. So while agree picking a quarterback was also not the way to go , the writer missed on Barkley. The Browns writer at number four didn’t make the same mistake. Imagine if the Browns has somehow landed Baker Mayfield and Saquan Barkley in last year’s draft? The Coltsblogger was the only one to correctly predict their team’s actual pick. Offensive guard Quentin Nelson has proven to be everything expected. Kudos to the Buccaneers blogger as well for not passing on safety Derwin James like so many NFL teams did. Beyond that there’s not much else to be said about this mock given it went off the rails early. I will end the flashback with a look at who everyone passed on, the top five remaining players after the first round. You see anyone here that was worthy a first round pick? The Carolina Panthers fell short against the Detroit Lions on Sunday. In a topic that’s sure to be talked about for the remainder of the week (if not longer), Ron Rivera made a dicey decision. After Cam Newton connected to D.J. Moore for an eight yard touchdown pass to cut the Lions’ lead 20-19 with a 1:07 left, Rivera called for a two-point conversion versus the extra point. Earlier in the game, kicker Graham Gano missed a short field goal and an extra point. On the two-point play, Newton overthrew a wide open Jarius Wright. Lions’ defense came up strong throughout the game while Panthers were unable to take home the win. Despite a shaky start, the Seattle Seahawks pulled away with a 27-24 comeback win over the Green Bay Packers to keep them in the NFC playoff race. Seahawks’ defense came through in the second half, limiting the Packers to just one scoring drive. Seattle has struggled against the run throughout the season Carolina Panthers Hoodie , but managed to hold the Packers to an astonishing 48 rushing yards. They also managed to sack Aaron Rodgers a whopping five times. In a matchup that’s crucial for both teams to keep their playoff chances alive, here are the three keys for the Panthers offense to find success against the Seahawks defense: Play inch by inch: Prior to the Packers, Seattle’s defense struggled against the run. Running backs Melvin Gordon and Todd Gurley pounded their defense. Seahawks have struggled with leaky yardage and missed tackles. Panthers need simple plays that turn into a game of inches. With questions looming around Newton’s left ankle after he was pulled from behind versus Detroit, it’s imperative for Carolina to step up in the run the game. Christian McCaffrey is an obvious weapon, but Moore needs to see just as many touches. Key in on pass rush: Quinton Jefferson was disruptive against the Packers. He created pressure in the pocket, opening up opportunities for the Seahawks’ edge rushers. Jefferson took away potential lanes for Rodgers to scramble into and made openings for Seattle’s leading pass rusher, Frank Clark, to sack him twice (Clark has ten sacks for the season). Offensive tackle Chris Clark will need help due to him consistently surrendering pressure. The edges have been an issue for keeping Newton in the pocket. Keep the foot on the gas: Seahawks continue to improve as they go. Chargers scored 19 points in the first half against Seattle Jordan Scarlett Jersey , the Rams scored 17 and the Packers scored 21. Seahawks have proven they can turn things around in the second half, holding each the Chargers and Packers to a single second-half field goal. In the last five games, Seattle has allowed 64 points in the first half versus 38 in the second. The Panthers are 5-0 at home. In order to keep their home record undefeated, they’ll need to keep the momentum and continue to protect Cam.

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