How to reset Microsoft account password using

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How to reset Microsoft account password using

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With the Microsoft account, you can access many of the services. Therefore, in case of any of the obstacles, all services associated with Microsoft will stop immediately. But for every problem there is a solution and so is the solution to this problem. Users can follow the steps mentioned below at any time and obtain a unique solution to the problem.

Steps for instant reset or change Microsoft account password with

Step 1: Users can first open their Microsoft account and then simply click on the "I can't access your account" link from the password recovery page.
Step 2: Users can select "I forgot my password" and then click on "Next".
Step 3: Users can enter the email ID of the Microsoft account for which the password must be retrieved, enter the captcha and then click on "Next".
Step 4: Choose a verification method, that is, email authentication, text message, mobile application, or secret response method if users cannot retrieve any of the modes.
Step 5: Depending on the mode, users can follow the on-screen instructions to retrieve their password.

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