he was capable of, Shine said. And now its there. I th

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he was capable of, Shine said. And now its there. I th

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LAS VEGAS -- A Nevada judge sentenced former NFL star Darren Sharper on Thursday to as many as eight years in prison for attempted sexual assault in Las Vegas as part of a four-state plea deal that could keep him behind bars for nearly two decades. Blazers Jerseys China .Sharper was ordered to serve the Nevada sentence concurrently with an 18-year sentence he has already begun on state and federal charges in Louisiana.The former All-Pro defensive back is appealing the conviction and sentence in Louisiana after previously pleading guilty to drug and sexual assault charges.The Nevada charges stemmed from a 2014 incident in Las Vegas where two women said Sharper drugged them after they met him at a nightclub.Civil rights lawyer Gloria Allred spoke in court on behalf of one of the victims before Clark County District Judge Michelle Leavitt sentenced Sharper to 38 to 96 months in prison and ordered him to register as a sex offender in Nevada.Writing this statement brings me to tears even though its been so long, Allred read from the womans statement. I have been fighting for almost three years and to not get the opportunity for my voice to be heard in person makes me sick.Allred said the woman could not attend because she would have had to travel a long way and several continuances made the timing of the sentencing uncertain.During a 14-year NFL career, Sharper played in Super Bowls with the Green Bay Packers and New Orleans Saints. He retired in 2011 and was working as a broadcast NFL analyst when allegations surfaced that he had drugged and raped women.Sharper pleaded guilty or no-contest in state and federal courts to charges that he drugged and sexually assaulted women in Arizona, California, Nevada and Louisiana. The four-state deal was initially expected to send Sharper to prison for about nine years.However, U.S. District Judge Jane Triche Milazzo in Louisiana rejected that sentence as too light.Two other men were sentenced earlier this month after pleading guilty in state and federal courts in the Louisiana case, which involved women being assaulted in 2013.Brandon Licciardi, a former Louisiana sheriffs deputy, was sentenced to 17 years in federal prison, and Erik Nunez, a former restaurant worker, was sentenced to 10 years. Authentic Custom Blazers Jersey . The 43-year-old closer, in his 19th and final big league season, has said hed like to play the outfield. Yankees manager Joe Girardi says hes thinking about allowing Rivera to do it this weekend, when the Yankees finish their season with a three-game series at the Houston Astros. Custom Blazers Jersey China . Rob Manfred, baseballs chief operating officer, testified last week during the grievance filed by the players union to overturn Rodriguezs 211-game suspension. A person familiar with the hearing, speaking on condition of anonymity, told The Associated Press on Saturday that Manfred testified the sport wasnt concerned whether Bosch distributed performance-enhancing drugs to minors because MLBs interest was his relationship with players under investigation. http://www.customblazersjersey.com/ . But now that hes in the NHL, the Calgary Flames centre showed big improvement in that department by scoring the winner in the eighth round of a 5-4 shootout victory over the Winnipeg Jets on Monday. SAN DIEGO -- From the moment we first laid eyes on him, didnt we know this was coming? From the first baseball we saw him pound halfway to Saturn, we said to ourselves: That dude Giancarlo Stanton is going to hit 60 home runs someday.What we never imagined, though, was this. We never imagined there would come a time when Giancarlo Stanton would hit 61 home runs in one day.But then came Monday evening, in a ballpark where home run balls were supposed to go to die. Instead, Petco Park would become the place where the legend of the great Giancarlo was born, in a Home Run Derby show that will shine on forever. And why does it feel as though we will never look at him the same again?He hit 61 home runs in 13? minutes? gulped the pitcher who served up those 61 home runs, Miami Marlins coach Pat Shine. Thats almost inhuman.Inhuman. Superhuman. Whatever. It definitely wasnt human. Mere humans dont do the things that the Marlins larger-than-life rocket launcher did on this night. And were talking about things like this:? In the 30-year history of the Home Run Derby, exactly two men had ever hit 20 homers in a single round: Josh Hamilton in Yankee Stadium in 2008 and?Bobby Abreu in Detroit in 2005. Then along came Stanton -- to have two rounds like that in one night. With 24 in Round 1. And 20 more in the finals. Seriously?? The record for most total home runs in any of the first 30 Derbies was 41, by Abreu. It took Stanton a mere two rounds to tie that one.? The last time the Derby was held in San Diego, there were 40 homers hit in the entire event. Stanton hit more than by himself -- in nine minutes (over two rounds).? Sammy Sosa took part in six different Home Run Derbies and hit a total of 65 homers. Stanton almost matched him in one night.? Yoenis Cespedes won back-to-back Derbies, in 2013 and 14. He hit 60 home runs in the two of them combined, and it was enough to brand him as one of his sports most feared sluggers. Stanton just hit more homers in one epic Derby than Cespedes hit in his two combined.Ridiculous, friends. Just ridiculous. But it wasnt merely the sheer number of baseballs Stanton hit that this ballpark wasnt large enough to hold. It was where they landed, how far they flew, the sound they made, the objects they cleared -- hedges and palm trees, billboards and batters eyes.He hit more than 27,000 feet worth of home runs. His average homer soared an incredible 447 feet. He mashed five that traveled 490 feet or longer, 10 that went 480 or longer and 31 that carried 450 or longer. He hit the 10 longest home runs of the entire event. He hit 18 of the 19 longest. All by himself. How is that possible?I dont think anybody understands what he just did, said Oakland catcher Stephen Vogt, who admitted he stuck around all three hours just to watch Stanton hit. Thats superhuman. He was hitting every single ball well over 400 feet. I was actually scared for the kids in the field on some of the low line drives he was hitting. Its not normal to be able to create that much bat speed and hit the ball that far. It was very impressive and incredible. The first three rows in the stands were not safe.But if you think it was terrifying for the folks who were watching it from 450 feet away, imagine what it was like to watch this exhibition from 60 feet, 6 inches away. Only Pat Shine understood that feeling. He shook his head when he was asked to describe it.The sound of his bat, to be honest, when I throw to him, is just so much different than other guys, Shine said. Its loud. Its violent. Its a violent act. And hes intense. So its fun for about a split second. Then its on to the next pitch.Both Shine and Stantons teammates saw a lookk in Stantons eye on this night that told just as important a story as his home run highlight reel. Terry Porter Jersey Large. He didnt have to be here. Remember that. He had a rough first half. He didnt make the All-Star team. So he flew 3,000 miles just for this.So I figured its a waste of time, he said, gazing at his championship trophy, if I dont bring this bad boy home.He had rearranged his schedule and his life. For this one night. For this one event. For this one opportunity to make a Ruthian statement about who and what he is. Is it safe to say we got the message?I think this was one of the things that he wanted to do, said his teammate?A.J. Ramos. Last year, he didnt get to be here. He was hurt. And when he was in it his first time [in 2014], he didnt compete like he wanted to. And this year, not making the All-Star team, you knew he really wanted to put on a show.Hey, ya think? Stanton has always had a special affection for the Home Run Derby, always talked about it with a reverence that not everyone in his sport shares. Mark McGwire, Ken Griffey Jr. and David Ortiz once made his memories. Now it was Stantons turn to make someone elses memories.I grew up watching this, he said. Thats where you built it up, childhood memories of. Now I will have kids saying the same thing. They watched me do this. I like to return the favor.He returned it with back-to-back-to-back rounds unlike anyone has ever had, in any Derby ever staged. He blew away one former champion, Robinson Cano, 24-12, in the first round. He wiped out the leading home run hitter of the year, Mark Trumbo, 17-14, in the second. Then he crushed the defending champ, Todd Frazier, 20-13, in the third.Whats amazing is the ability to do it round after round, Marlins president David Samson said. What you normally see in the Home Run Derby is exhaustion set in. With Giancarlo, exhaustion is not part of his repertoire. And thats what differentiates him. He eats bananas and grilled cheese. So for me, thats the ultimate elixir.If it is, its one Frazier might consider adapting next year, because even a half-hour after the event, he was having trouble digesting what hed just seen from the man who beat him.He wasnt even using his back leg, Frazier would say afterward, incredulous over what hed just witnessed. Its unbelievable. It was majestic.Frazier loves the Derby himself. Loves competing with the other mortals who take part in it. But when he looks at Stanton, hes not even sure he sees someone from the same planet he lives on.Its a different beast, Frazier said. You look at him and talk to him and you hear his voice. Its a deep voice. Youre like, Oh man, I didnt know that was coming out. Its like the guy in that movie 300. Youre like, Thats the guy weve got to take down or were in trouble. We couldnt take him down.Since the moment Giancarlo Stanton took his first mighty swing in the big leagues back in 2010, weve been waiting for this. Finally, on one astounding evening, he left a powerful imprint -- of what he can do and what he just might become.I think we all knew what he was capable of, Shine said. And now its there. I think this is good for baseball, to have him be the home run king. Im not taking anything away from those other guys. But I think hes the perfect guy to take over the trophy. It was like the stars were lined up a little bit, for somebody who is capable of doing anything in this game. Hes capable of doing things that nobody has ever done.And on this indelible night of Home Run Derby heroics, thats exactly what Giancarlo Stanton did. ' ' '

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Re: he was capable of, Shine said. And now its there. I th

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Re: he was capable of, Shine said. And now its there. I th

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Re: he was capable of, Shine said. And now its there. I th

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